Tips for getting the most out of Bankline (part 3)

We’ve listened to what you’ve told us and made some more improvements in Bankline to make things easier. Here are our three latest tips to help you get the best out of Bankline:


Improved navigation

Bulk lists –

We’ve made it easier to make payments from a bulk list by introducing a new ‘Pay from bulk list’ option in the Payments menu. You can now go straight into paying from a bulk list by clicking this option. You can still make changes to your bulk lists via ‘Manage bulk lists’ in the Payments menu.

Payment summary –

While navigating around your payment summary, you can get straight back to the main summary page by clicking ‘Payment summary’ in the top menu. You can use the same approach for navigating any original Bankline screen in new Bankline.


Character limits on CHAPS payments

You can now use up to 35 characters for the payee name, when making CHAPS payments. Once you’ve started creating your payment and selected CHAPS as the payment type, the payee name field will re-appear, allowing you to include up to 35 characters.


Quick filters for your statement

When you're looking at your statement for a specific account, to the left of the 'Start date' filter there's an option to only display your debits or credits. This should make it easier to reconcile your account. 

You can also use the column headings to sort your transactions, for example arranging them by transaction type or date. 

And that’s it for now, check out our previous new Bankline tips.


Further support

We’ll bring you more Bankline tips in the spring. And remember, if you ever need help with new Bankline you can click the ‘Message us’ button for support.

If you’re still fairly new to Bankline, we recommend signing up for our new Bankline webinar.

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