Tips for getting the most out of Bankline (part 1)

In new Bankline we’ve made some subtle changes to save you time and make managing your finances easier.

Here are our first three tips for getting the best out of new Bankline: 


See exactly what’s available in your accounts

We’ve added a new balance type called ‘Available funds’ that lets you see, in real time, what funds are available to use in your accounts. It includes any overdraft facility you may have, minus any pending payments that are due to leave your account. Any pending or uncleared payments due to go into your account are not included.

To allow users to see this, your Bankline administrator will need to give them the relevant privilege. Help me add this privilege.


Searching for payments made simple

It's now easier to find payments you’ve made on Bankline in the last six months. 

From the right hand side of the top menu, click ‘Search’. Next, click ‘Payments raised’. This will bring up a range of search options. Fill in as many of these as you like, then click 'Search' to load your results.

If you’re looking to check for any payments that have expired, simply click ‘expired’ in the payment status drop down, then click ‘Search’. 


Easily tell your accounts apart with aliases

An account alias is a nickname you choose for your account.

If you’re finding it difficult to tell your accounts apart just from their names, you can make a simple administrative change to display account aliases instead of account names. To make this change you’ll need administrative privileges.

  1. From the dashboard, click 'Administration' in the top menu, followed by ‘Manage customer details’
  2. Click the title of the box ‘Customer details’
  3. Scroll to the setting ‘Account ID’ and change this to ‘Alias’
  4. Click ‘Confirm’ then ‘Update’ and approve with your Smartcard
  5. If you then reload your balances and dashboard pages, this should update the account names with the alias (if it doesn’t, try logging out and back in again)

For help adding an account alias, go to How do I add an account alias.


Further support

We’ll be bringing you more Bankline tips soon. And remember, if you ever need help on new Bankline you can click the ‘Message us' button for support.

If you’re still fairly new to Bankline, we recommend signing up for our new Bankline webinar.

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