Tips for getting the most out of Bankline (part 4)

We’ve listened to what you’ve told us and made some more improvements in Bankline to make things easier. Here are our three latest tips to help you get the best out of Bankline:


Find your templates quickly

When you’re searching for a template you can now type any part of the payee or template name to bring up results.

So, if you’re searching for John Smith, you can now just search for ‘Smi’ and all matches will appear.

When you go into your templates, you’ll find these search options under ‘More filters’ in the template menu.


Finding your BIC and IBAN

When you’re due to receive an international payment, you’ll need to give the payer your BIC and IBAN.

There’s an easy way to track these down in Bankline. Just bring up your bank statement for the account you want the payment sent to and click ‘More account information’ toward the top of the page. You’ll find the BIC and IBAN there.


Protect your profile with dual authorisation     

Dual authorisation means payments made from your account have to go through a second authoriser. Switching it on can help protect against a range of common scams, including invoice redirection.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to turn on dual authorisation and use it effectively. It also explains how to set what payment amounts it applies to:

How to turn on dual authorisation 

To find out more about the types of scams this protects against and other steps you can take to keep your business safe, visit our security centre.


Further support

We’ll bring you more Bankline tips soon. And remember, if you ever need help with new Bankline you can click the ‘Message us' button for support.

If you’re still fairly new to Bankline, we recommend signing up for our new Bankline webinar.

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