Tips for getting the most out of Bankline (part 5): new features in August 2020

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and made some improvements in Bankline based on what you’ve told us. We’ve just released some new features so that it’s easier for you to make and manage payments.

Here are some tips to get the most out of these features:


Making international payments and currency transfers

You can now make international payments and currency transfers through new Bankline either from scratch or via your existing templates:

  • To make an international payment from scratch just go to ‘Make a payment or transfer’ in the payments menu and click the second tab 'International/FX'.
  • To make a currency transfer from scratch you can go to the usual transfers page and select your currency accounts from the credit and debit account drop downs.
  • If you make these payments and transfers through templates, when you expand them you’ll now have an option to make a payment from the template.

 For help with these payments and transfers you can chat to Cora, our digital assistant, by clicking 'Message us'.


Viewing your available balances on the payment keying screens

When creating any payment, after selecting a debit account (or credit account for transfers), you’ll now be able to see the available balance. This means you’ll know exactly how much money is in the account at the time you’re creating a payment or transfer.

You’ll need to have the available funds privilege on your profile to see this. Get more information about available funds and how an administrator can assign this privilege.


Exporting domestic payment PDFs

When raising domestic payments, you can now export a PDF of the payment you’ve created. You’ll have an option to ‘Print/export payment’ once it’s been keyed and then before and after you approve it. You can also head over to your templates and export payment PDFs from there too. Get more information on what you can export and how to do it.


More information on your faster payments

You’ll soon see the full narrative of most faster payments on the day they’re received, as opposed to having to wait until the following day. Find out more about this upcoming change.


Further support

We’ll bring you more Bankline tips soon. And remember, if you ever need help, you can click the ‘Message us' button for support.

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